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About CullGear

Cull - to upgrade, to "better" your catch, to improve...Gear   tools, equipment, “stuff”


We hope to be a source of high quality tackle that will help you catch better fish, equipment to be safe on the water, and apparel to look sharp while doing both!

There are many role models for us in the world, and some of the best out there are (or were) fishermen. God’s presence is everywhere and undeniable but it seems to be particularly evident around the water!  Our sport is loaded with world class individuals at all levels from the recreational anglers to the most successful professionals. It’s chock-full of manufacturers, suppliers, guides, and volunteers, that love to teach, share, mentor, and of course, catch fish! 

At CullGear we will work hard to turn proceeds from our functional gear and stylish apparel into contributions to clubs and events. To create opportunities and memories - primarily for our young anglers, and to be an inspiration to those around us to get out and enjoy the outdoors!


We are starting small here in Southern Indiana but living by our motto to - Always Upgrade!

Liam Lubbehusen           David Lubbehusen         Eli Lubbehusen

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